Minchah Prayer 10-14-20

As we wake in the morning it is with the best of intentions Father, we pray, that this day we would be patient, that we would approach every task or encounter with others in a spirit of friendliness and good will, a desire to do everything we do… well.
May the spirit of anticipation for being up and about, the good feeling the optimism about the day that began with our moments of confiding in You… not dissolve… with the first bumps in the road, with inconveniences unforeseen, appearing  out of nowhere. May our train of thought not go off the rails from one of gladness to one of irritableness and grumbling.
Father, may we be quick to reject and turn away from such temptation and the temptation to indulge in whatever negative thoughts or feelings, in the moment, we could choose from.
Instead Father, we cling to You…
Be near Father.
Strengthen our trust in You.
As we rely on You may we continue on with peace and joy that will not be lost in the midst of circumstances.
Thank You Father for this new day.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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