Minchah Prayer 10-04-17

Every day here is a day in Sukkah.

Our days here are temporary and for everything, we are dependent on Your provision.

Father, You created and gave life and every single thing needed to sustain this physical existence, our food, our clothing, our shelter, every breath, heart beat and function of our body.

And You provide every single thing we need to be in fellowship with You, cleansing we could not do for ourselves, righteousness we could not be on our own, love we could not feel or express because we are that kind of creature.

If You did not give it, we do not have it. What we need to please You and to be near You, we do not have and cannot get on our own.

You do it all.

It is love lavished on us and we pray for greater and greater sensitivity to it and gratitude for it.

It is our desire together with one another and individually, Abba, to be near You and to tabernacle with You forever.

We love You, Father… Abba… There is no one like You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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