Minchah Prayer 09-27-17

As we proceed through these days of inner inspection, of searching for short comings and You bring to mind those very things, please provide us also with a spirit of peaceful receptiveness that we might not become defensive or make excuses or rationalize our poor performance before You.

Enable us to recognize and accept those things You point out to us without defensive, rebellious, argumentative denial, not just towards You, but also towards those through whom You choose to use to show us, as well.

Enable us to be patient in the process and instead of falling into negative emotion or state of mind or actions, instead, be grateful that in Your love for us You are showing us those things You want us to shed ourselves of.

Thank You for pointing out those things that need correcting.

Thank You that You are not accusing or condemning or turning away.

Thank You for Your willingness to forgive, to forget, our debt.

Thank You for forgiveness, for atonement, for cleansing, for a new start with each and every act of repentance.

Thank You that You want us to be with You and that You are helping us to get there.

May we just accept that You do love us.

Thank You Abba… Father…that it is well.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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