Minchah Prayer 09-16-20

“…make Your way straight before me…”  Psalm 5:9(8)

Sleep will be sweet when the day’s labors are completed before You.

As the planet turns Father night is continually approaching, day is continually dawning… somewhere… and prayers are continually rising up to You.

Who is like You…that You are intimately with each and every soul, listening as inner voices and physical voices utter praise to You, express deep despair to You, lay at Your feet humbly, requests and heartfelt thanksgiving…listening Father as You are asked for direction, for strength to endure…being quietly there as one who has no words simply seeks to spend time with You in comfortable, silent, companionship. Present with You in prayer Father…there is nothing we cannot talk to you about, no feeling we cannot express. We are safe. We can be completely honest and without fear. We come to You with everything because we know Father…we know…You see and understand even when we fumble about… clumsily unable to put into words everything on our hearts. But You know and You help us to figure it out. When we talk to You Father…time doesn’t matter, how long it takes to put those next words together doesn’t matter, if we don’t say things just right…it doesn’t matter… for

“…before I speak even a word, Yahweh, Abba, You know all about it already…”

I Father, just needed someone…You Father…to listen.

All that was of concern before entering into prayer melts away and is forgotten, the weight is lifted the deeper into this time we go with You. We know we are in a good place… All is well… Thank You Father.

Thank You for this time together Father. It makes Your Way straight and we able to travel it.

May we be a source of glory for You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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