Minchah Prayer 09-12-18


“Think deeply about it.”

“Be careful not to forget.”

“Mare the silence, split My ears with your praise, with your distress, make a joyful noise, call to assemble, call to battle, shout!”

You are Jehovah God Who brings each of us out of our own Egypt, out of bondage.

We have no other God, physical or spiritual, no form created to bow down before, no authority to bow to and worship, only You.

We take Your name for our own, we carry it where ever we go. We do not use it to justify our own will or behave in a way that would bring shame and dishonor to it, in a way that would cause people to curse You. We glorify Your Name! May all be drawn to It.

We honor and value the first of Your set apart times following Your example to rest after six days of labor. We join You on the day You have blessed and “separated” for Yourself.

We treat with esteem and respect our mothers and fathers. It is by them You gave us being.

We have no authority to take life in vengeance in anger because of hatred.

We value trust and do not betray it. We do not share with any other what we have pledged to give and share with just one.

It is not for us to take what is not ours, lay claim to what is another’s.

We cannot see into the heart of another so we cannot speculate and share those speculations. We are not to spread false rumors, try to bring reproach or false perceptions on others.

We seek to know and desire and place value and satisfaction in what You desire for us. We look to You for what this may be and covet that.

Father, we realize it is a season for remembering and evaluating, of making course adjustments. It’s a season for thanksgiving that You have made a Way for atonement, complete cleansing and intimacy with You and it is not by our works but by Yours alone. Your love language is obedience to Your instruction and we show our gratitude for the gift and our love for You, by our actions.

Thank You Father that You have given us a way to reciprocate. And thank You that even in this You are willing to complete and make right, the good work we strive to do.

Thank You Father for Your faithfulness and love and for Yeshua, Your Yeshua, our Yeshua.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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