Minchah Prayer 09-10-20

Father, we thank You for Your Word.

We can open it and find words that shed light on the nature of man, his moments of excellence and his moments of depravity. In the accounts of the people memorialized in Your Word we can see in them ourselves.

Creation is recounted. We can pause and imagine as You move and speak and everything appears and lives.

We witness the beginning of our own inclination to wander in the first man and woman and learn the lesson that for all wrong doing there is damage to relationship and punishment. And we see example after example written for our benefit.

The benefit is that You love Your creation, You continue with Your created beings through forgiveness and mapping out a way to restore relationship with You.

We can study for ourselves wisdom and teach it to our children from the writings in Proverbs.

We can sit at a bedside, read to a loved one, someone damaged in body or in spirit… words of comfort, of praise, of love for You… from the book of Psalms, words that speak of anxiousness and fears, of dire straits, of desperation, of great trust, hope and Your great faithfulness to walk with us be it the valley or the mountain top. These are words to drink in in the privacy of our alone time, or to offer in the company of others for encouragement for singing praise for worshiping.

The prophets, Your servants that carried Your warnings to Your wayward people, are a record of people, leaders and nations in danger of punishment and decline through choosing other gods and ways to follow than You and Yours. We see in those circumstances our own same behavior and sure doom if we choose to repeat their mistakes by not heeding the instructions and warnings You gave them.

Yeshua, His shadow in the days before His advent and His Person when He came to us is there in Your Word.

You and He are One. We see You and get to know You more intimately through Your Son, His attributes of compassion and faithfulness, the love He made real through the actions of healing and teaching, all for the purpose of making things right between the Father and His created beings.

We read of His trials, the persecutions of Him, His torture and death at the hands of the very people He came to save and His cry to His Father, on their behalf, for forgiveness… while shedding His blood… the necessary price for that forgiveness.

And You raised Him from the dead.

And He left behind chosen ones instructed and empowered and commissioned to do the same for others who are to do the same for  others still… to the ends of the earth.

In Your Word we read how He dwells with You, praying on our behalf and preparing dwellings for those who will follow in His footsteps.

We read of how He did not abandon the world but sent Your Spirit to yoke with “who so ever will” that in obedience to Him we might live rightly and endure to the end.

We are assured of  completing the journey successfully because as we follow Your Ways in obedience and continue in repentance and turning away from the sin when we do fail, You are gracious to continue to forgive…to continue to see us through the righteousness of Your Son.

By Your Word and the Spirit that teaches this new creation we are in Yeshua… we know You see our hearts, the new hearts in the new creature You have made it possible for us to be.

And we read in Your Word that final end times will come but that beyond, all things will be made new and pure and that that plan You set into place way back when will come to completion.

Your Word: people, places, events, information, knowledge, wisdom, comfort, encouragement, equipping, reassurance, compassion, forgiveness, hope, peace, joy, all that was and is wrong and all that was and is right…and on and on and on… right there for us to read.

Thank You Father for Your Word, in text, in Spirit, and in the Flesh that walked among us.

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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