Minchah Prayer 09-05-18

Father, it is a new day.

There is so much going on. We make our plans thinking what is best, how is best, deciding and then acting.

May we be prayerful in the ordering of our lives and give us discernment to see the consequences, the results that could be, bad as well as good, for our intentions may be well meant but what happens may not be good.

Father, may it be our heart that no matter what our plans and actions concern, the value and satisfaction we work for in success would not be, if from the start, we have not determined that You must be pleased and glorified above all.

We are unable to do anything good except You be in it, so we trust and rely on You, we pray for You to order our steps, make outcomes be right, draw us closer to You and to one another, even when in our “unskillfulness” we are clumsy and make mistakes, so that our good intentions may result in good after all.

Father, we pray to You, humbly and deeply for the sick ones.

We call upon You from the very depths of our hearts with tears and concern that constrict even our ability to speak.

Have mercy on them Father and heal…please.

We love You!

We trust in You!

We praise and glorify You!

In Yeshua’s name we pray Abba.


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