Minchah Prayer 08-30-17

Who knows, Father, if this storm has a purpose. But we know that You use all things to accomplish Your purpose.


At a time of so much disunity, finger pointing and fault finding in our nation, direct our eyes toward the people, those You created, in this storm and see how even in the effort to save themselves, struggling people reach out to help others around them, as they go. Those who have are helping those who have not and those who have not are reaching out, taking a hold on others, like them, pulling them along so that they can all reach safety together and no one be lost.

Father… we pray that we will learn from the examples of their sacrifices for each other.

This is Your way.

We pray that the unity and mutual care for one another that disaster brings out, that we are seeing, will not be the only time we see it and practice it, but that it will become our way in all times.

Abba… save us, comfort us, teach us, be with us.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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