Minchah Prayer 08-26-20

Every day is like being born anew. Your mercies are fresh Father. We have another chance to live Your message to everyone around us.

May Your Spirit reside with us Father, may Your presence be near whether we are alone in a quiet, dimly lighted place or walking in bright and glaring sunlight with activity and noises going on all around. May Your voice speak through easily and clearly to us, may we not be straining to hear and understand.

May the way we speak Father, convey a spirit of good will and friendliness to those around us, that that spirit would inhabit whatever the words are meant to communicate.

May the decisions we make and the actions we take be in harmony with the words we speak. May Your words coming out of our mouths not lose the ring of truth in the ears of others because they don’t match our actions. And in the case that they might Father, might lose their credibility and power, we pray You would give those “hearing others” a wisdom that moves them to examine for truth in spite of the shallow or dishonest example of those standing before them. Give them Father, a kind of understanding and a pass on judgment that comes from knowing that one can mean well in spite of or in the process of, not doing well… and forgive… and look beyond the actions to the One who is the source of the Word.

All of us are Your creation. Your desire is for us all. May we represent You well.

Let the powers of the Evil One, He and those with Him, go ahead and be in an uproar, do their grumbling, instigate discord Father… all in vain. Let them conspire against You and Your anointed crying “Let’s break their fetters! Let’s throw off their chains.”

We for our part hear and know Your…”yoke is easy, Your burden is light…”

As we take delight in Your Torah and “…meditate on it…”, carry it engraved on our hearts, we can laugh with You “…who sits in heaven…” and looks on… and we can live and grow, “…like trees planted by streams-bearing fruit in season, never withering and succeeding…” before You… in all circumstances.

We trust in You alone Father. We sing with the strength You give…”It is well…with our souls…” even when the mountains are held immovable and the sorrows and hurts are allowed to remain… You are with us through it all.

All we ask and thank You that it is so…You be faithful never to abandon or forsake us.

We would be lost Father.. and all would have no worth if You did.

We love You Yahweh, Abba, Dear Father. Open our eyes and let us see The Glory that fills the earth…we pray…

In Yeshua’s name…


Thoughts and words derived from

Psalms 1 and  2…&

“Even If” sung by Mercy Me

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