Minchah Prayer 08-23-17

The angel stood before Daniel and told him how his prayers had been heard but that he had been delayed in coming because of a battle he was engaged in with a spirit of darkness. Angels have limits. Unlike Ya, they cannot be everywhere at the same time it would seem. God can choose to work His works immediately or within the limits of time and distance according to His purposes.

We believe in a spiritual world with inhabitants and activity in it… in our intellect, but even with the knowledge of it we don’t always view it as a real force that we would address or speak to as we would with a physical person or situation before us.

Father, give us spiritual eyes to see what our physical eyes cannot, to see past the person or situation our physical eyes are seeing, and may it come naturally for us to recognize and react to the unseen spiritual in the physical world we live in.

May it become normal and natural to automatically speak and pray praise and thanksgiving to the spiritual powers and authorities of good and in the authority of Yeshua, boldly speak and pray, words of rebuke against the spiritual powers and authority of the evil one.

May it bring Your approval and Your healing

May we leave no front unguarded, no weapon at our disposal unused.

May You be lifted up, honored and praised.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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