Minchah Prayer 08-19-20

“Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee, Oh Lord.
Lord, hear my voice; let Thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications”…

…I wait for You Lord…

…my soul doth wait…and in Your Word do I hope…

…My soul waiteth for You… my Master…Friend…Redeemer…Hope.

Our houses are under siege Father. At the door Satan crouches standing ready for an opportunity to get in and destroy.

We pray Your Spirit make home in these bodies of ours and fill us. May we be on guard at our eyes and ears Father, the entrances to our hearts and minds, for what we should not be looking at or listening to, reject what got by, cast it out and turn away.

We pray Your spirit fill every part of the houses we live in, that in no way can a spirit of discord, of anger or meanness, of rejection or despondency or lovelessness enter them and if by some shortfall we have left the door ajar and the Destroyer has crept in… that we would be quick to turn our backs, rebuke and cast him out in Yeshua’s name.

We pray we step out of our homes filled with and shielded by Your spirit all around, over and under and that that Spirit would flow out from us and take root in the house that is the community we live in. May the doors to this house be closed to anything that would work against neighborliness, law and order, respect for one another, the sanctity of life Father, love of You and Your ways, justice, mercy…

And may Your spirit overflow from the house that is our community to the house that is our nation Father, and on to fill the house that is our world.

Grant us discernment and understanding about the times we live in and the ways of a house that is against You.

Grant us wisdom to use the understanding, You give us, for making judgments and decisions so that we do so according to Your instructions, so that You Father, will be honored and represented by us rightly.

We are weak Father.

You…are strong.

Sometimes Father, Abba…we are in the depths…and crying out to You.

We do cry out…for our own sakes…and for the sake of all others Father…

So we pray and live and wait…

our hope is in Your Word…

…trusting and believing Father in You, we will wait and see as Your will be done.

Blessed are You Oh Lord we proclaim and pray in Yeshua’s name,


Psalm 130 AKJV

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