Minchah Prayer 08-16-17

So what did one of the men say, that in spite of all the false teachings, personal agendas, misconceptions, short comings both intentional and unintentional, people, for ages, have come to and placed their trust in Yahweh God?

Someone else credits the Holy Spirit with giving a glimpse to those seekers the truth concerning sin and righteousness and judgment. They grasp hold and begin the walk. The Spirit of God indwells and school has begun.

Father… thank You for the presence of Your Spirit in our lives as a teacher and companion.

We thank You… Father, that He teaches so that we clearly understand.

We thank You… Father that His hand is upon us, moving us this way and that even when our knowledge is incomplete and our understanding not clear, guiding us to do intuitively, in trust, what is correct and pleasing and saving.

Thank You for Your redemption, for Your guardianship and for Your instruction.

Thank You for Your companionship and love.

May Your love be in us all and through us expressed to, lavished on others.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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