Minchah Prayer 08-15-18

Father, we don’t know the day You will come but it is our prayer that when You do, You find us faithful to You in our purposes and actions.

We pray for correct knowledge of Your Word, what You are saying and revealing to us in it.

But there are mysteries in Your Word concerning days gone by and things that must be and coming events, not that they didn’t occur or won’t but mysterious in the same sense that even as Yeshua doesn’t know the exact day or hour You have determined for judgment and restoration to begin, so we will not puzzle out or know the exact interpretation or meaning of all You have given in Your Word.

You Father, will make all things known in Your own time and pleasure. Total knowledge is not what You require… is it Father?

If You find us being obedient to what You clearly show us, if You find us listening for and obeying, not our voice but the voice of Your Spirit in uncertain circumstances, in all circumstances, if You find us still trying to solve the mysteries and apply and share what You instruct, in a spirit of harmonious fellowship and unity with one another, if You come and find us about these things faithfully, every day, motivated by desire for Your approval, finding satisfaction and joy in pursuit of pleasing You, would You not be pleased?

Father, we need You to be successful in our walk. We need to be helpful to one another as we go together. Craft in us hearts that are kind and caring towards one another please… that we may be found about Your work in such a spirit and that You will be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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