Minchah Prayer 08-02-17

Father, our leadership is in a shambles.

One is brought forth and spoken of as able and then he is gone and another comes to take his place. And now this one is the one who is going to do great things.

The goal is not for unity and serving the needs of the country.

Attention that should be directed towards the well being of the nation has been redirected and refocused on unproductive distractions.

The nation waits while its leaders engage in their finger pointing and excuse making.

Father we lift them up and pray to You that they might have an awakening, that they might realize and be convicted of the wrongness of their ambitions and purposes.

We pray that Your Spirit would move among them, that It might jerk their attention away for their self seeking pursuits, their willingness to abandon and ignore those they were elected to serve.

We pray that they would see You and hear You, and order their intentions and  work, in harmony with Your Ways.

Father, may we the people provide our servants with an example that points them to You.

By and through our daily lives may we be in unity with each other, in unity with Yeshua and in unity with You, demonstrating to them what love and serving and good, looks like.

May our words and actions redirect their attention and focus to You, for some, and back to You for the others.

May we all be humbled and reminded and energized to be servants pleasing to You.

May it be the purpose and desire of our hearts to do so.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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