Minchah Prayer 08-01-18


One word whispered soft and low for fear that just the sound of our own voice will startle the moment and cause us not to hear. And we wait quietly.

We have sharp tongues. We say things, and we say things in a way, we shouldn’t.

We are too easily offended. We have hearts that would rather strike back than forgive and inquire for purposes of peace making and truth finding. We want the satisfaction of having set things straight.

Father, may we never avoid speaking to a situation when there is a need because it may be contentious or hurtful. May we never avoid speaking or searching out, the truth of a matter for the same reasons.

You have a way of doing things that is Your Way.

May we continually strive after knowing what You want and how You want us to go about things.

In the matter of speaking to one another, may it be in good humor, respect, concern, with interest and with patience, open and honest, thoughtful and complimentary. May it be from a heart that values the other person because they are Yours’ too… and You value them.

Give us, Abba, discernment and move us in the moment, to judge when to be gentle and when to be hard, teach us skill to evaluate correctly, choose right words and do so from a continually renewing nature and heart that is growing more and more like Yours.

May we not be self righteous and take pleasure in the discomfort our words may cause.

May we use Your principles and precepts as guide to motives and methods of speaking to what is wrong and what is right, in our speaking relationships with spouses and children, friends and loved ones, the stranger we don’t know.

May You be glorified in it all.

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver,

is a word appropriately spoken.”

We desire to create that reality in our lives Father.

What good there is to achieve in Your Ways.

Thank You so much that You want good for Your creation.

We love You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


*Proverbs 25:11 CJB

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