Minchah Prayer 07-29-20

Our praying Father, is for You alone. We take this time to find a quiet spot and be alone and focused on being with You.

Thank You Father for this season of rain we have been having. The grass it seems we just cut is shooting up and needs cutting again. It looks, the brush looks, the leaves of the trees look… wet and clean and lush. Plants are blossoming.

Sunshine in the day gives way to thick dark clouds at some point. Sometimes the wind comes up. We can watch the line of storm as it approaches, overtakes us and engulfs us. The branches and leaves of trees are tossed to and fro, loose limbs break loose, and are blown away, a flood of water drenches the ground. Other times that same power in black clouds, darkening our world, moves silently overhead and the rain drops straight down in a silent water falling, soaking the earth. That earth that groans for healing Father, opens up every pore and drinks in life giving water. The beauty and power of it is something worth surrendering our attention to.

Where do the birds go when it rains Father? We can look out into the trees and not see a one anywhere on a branch. Somewhere, to be sure, You’ve made a shelter for them. Then there they are again after the storm, marching across the ground, probing the earth with long curved bills in search of food, others chasing about from tree to tree through mazes of limbs on a mission You have set them to. The storm is passed and life goes on.

In our prayer Father, we visualized dry places that need Your rains. We pray You would send them there for clean, clear water to drink, for fields of crops to be nourished by, to cool and wash away the dust that coats everything, parches and makes brittle what vegetation does grow. Restore cleanness and beauty, health and productivity to the lands and people that need it so. May cool droplets splash on uplifted faces and hands and invigorate the bodies, hearts of those people with such a need.

We pray to You for a deluge of Living Water. Rain it down on us Father and wash away the confusion and fearfulness, the hatefulness, the mindlessness and lawlessness drying up and hardening our hearts. The plants growing are bringing forth wrinkled and shriveled up and bitter fruit Father.

We’ve stopped looking up Father. We’ve thrown away our compass. Lack of Your Word and Your Spirit has addled our minds, destroyed reason.

We pray to You… take to heart Your Word and apply it to the living of our lives.

We trust Father and obey and wait with anticipation the appearance of thick dark storm clouds laden with Cleansing Water, arriving and engulfing, on the Wind of  Your Spirit.

When it comes Father, we are attentive as the Wind clears out the dead wood and the waters wash and soften and nourish us, restore us to right thinking and bring about fruit in our lives that is colorful, clean and lush and swollen with love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, patience, faithfulness, humility and self control.

We pray for and watch searchingly for the Rain that gives life to be in our lives through all seasons.

There is no one like You Abba, Dear Father.

We love You so.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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