Minchah Prayer 07-26-17

Bless our sleep O Lord.

We lay down and give up the efforts of the day.

Our minds, busy with thought, in need of stopping of emptying and backing off, our bodies tired, we close our eyes and laying back we feel the flow of release and relief as we surrender to sleep and rest.

May our spirit be lightened and freed as the obstacles and distractions of waking moments, physical and emotional, fade away for a time.

May our strength of body be returned to us and greater.

May the business of our minds become ordered, the priorities and urgencies we had be brought back into controlled perspective.

May we be quieted.

In the quiet of that sleep may Your ministering, Your healing, Your renewing of our minds and gladdening of our hearts take place.

May we sleep and wake knowing You are there.

Gift us with confidence to engage with life.

We trust in You.

Make us, and thank You for making us new.

O Father, the is no one like You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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