Minchah Prayer 07-25-18

Father, when we take Your hand and walk with You our lives really aren’t our own anymore.

You allow us to make plans, to be active. But at any moment the plans we have made, the activity or emotion of the moment we are in may be interrupted.

A stream is flowing smoothly but then subtly or abruptly interruptions appear. They may be the tips of small stones or large rocks and tree trunks. The smooth flowing waters become rapid and turbulent. The water collides, splashes, swirls around and whirlpools and the set path is blocked and rerouted.

Sometimes the rapids are filled with stones and the path twists and turns and we can’t see the drops. Sometimes it seems like there is no end. Sometimes it is over quickly and the water’s flow slows and smoothes and becomes tranquil again.

Father, help us to understand that this is the way life is and not be impatient or put out when stones of interruption or disruption, stop or alter or change the character, of our forward flow.

Father, may the plans we make, may the way in which we live everyday meet with Your approval.

What You have given into our care, our lives, every moment of time, is Your possession. Help us to understand the truth of that and may we then surrender to You to be used as You see fit.

May we have hearts of tenderness and strength. May they be willingly and gladly responsive when the stones appear.

May the interruptions be an expected and accepted part of all our plans.

May we become, form us to become, vessels out of which You pour Living Water, to part around and flow over the stones of life, round jagged edges, wear down boulders, till they all become small, smooth, colorful pebbles over which clean, clear, sparkling pure, tranquil waters flow.

Be our constant companion Father, please, in everything.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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