Minchah Prayer 07-19-17

There is a young man bringing to completion thirteen years of living today and a starting his fourteenth. There is a picture of him on line with his mother, all smiles.

He probably woke this morning with a sense of it being kind of a different day and with some anticipation, maybe expectation of something special.

Someone else somewhere woke this morning to a worry, maybe with no expectation of good, maybe with no desire to start or go on.

We all start the day someplace. We are all in this together.

Father…in this world joy lives side by side with sadness, raised spirits with depression, good anticipation with dreaded anticipation, assurance and confidence with doubt and uncertainness, hope with hopelessness, laughter with tears. It’s just the way of things and each of us will experience all of these things.

Whatever place we wake up to, Father, before what we face distracts and takes over, give us a sensitivity to the place others, those others who walk this earth with us, are in and be able to share in their good, be a comforting and encouraging companion for those in a rough patch.

No matter what patch we ourselves wake to, Abba, may the favor we are enjoying or the issues we are enduring not distract, not prevent or hinder us from being the fellow traveler that will bless.

In the process, Father, Abba, may we ourselves not lose our joy, may we be delivered out of our own pit as we seek to love one another, as we seek to be like You.

You are the wonderful One.

Thank You dearest Father, dearest Abba for Your love and presence in our lives.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.










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