Minchah Prayer 07-18-18

Father, as the week continues and a new day starts we go over, in Your presence, what we have done and what is yet to do.

Help us Father, to not let the disappointment of a mistake in one thing mare the satisfaction we had or are gaining in some other pursuit before us.

Help us not to lose our perspective and think because we have been successful in one instance that it’s okay that we fell short in another. In our short fall may we not try to avoid disappointment with false balances but see things truthfully so that we might not mistake again.

Whatever is before us Father, whether it be the mundane or the unique, the common or the holy, may we regard them both as deserving our best effort, both as consequential and important to You. May we pursue them both as equal in import for the purposes of pleasing You and bringing You glory.

And thank You Father, that our peace and joy are not dependent on us doing everything and getting it all perfect but it is in the knowledge that You continue to love us and forgive us and value us because You see we see, You are worthy and we continue to struggle.

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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