Minchah Prayer 07-15-20

Katie…bar the door!

It’s time Father to close the door. I’ve got some things I want to tell You. And I know… that no matter how muddled or unclear I am in expressing myself, it is not a problem because You completely know and understand me and the influences of the circumstances I/we are in. Somehow… being in Your presence puts me at ease… I don’t have to be afraid. I can talk to You about anything knowing that You will allow me to say it all… knowing that whatever I share and what it may speak of me, You care and it is Your first desire to work all things for good as we trust and confide in You. And You are able.

Father, it made me feel so good this morning when my wife brought me that cup of coffee I hadn’t asked her to make and the bit of small talk we had before she left me to what I was doing.

You know Father, the kids are planning for some changes and I know it is exciting for them, but it may mean them going away and there are risks. I’m seeing possibility for good but also for trouble as well. Father protect them.

That hawk that dropped down out of the tree cover, almost to the ground, then swooped back up and over the roof top…so close Father I could see the speckling of his plumage under an outstretched wing…Father that was beautiful…thank You!

Father, the vehicle needs work and I have the resources. What a blessing that is. Thank You Father for my home, the comfort I have here…

I have dear friends Abba and they are sequestered away right now and I can’t be near them. Oh for their safe keep and well being I pray.

Father… what a blessing, how good it was, that breakfast with co-workers, laughing at stories, speaking of plans, having a sense of purpose in shared and common goals.

So many good things. You are the source.

But I need some help.

I’m seeing discord in families and think why and how can this be made right?

There are people out on the streets who it’s evident are in really bad shape yet the problem is so big, the solution is so costly and disruptive. What should we do?

Some folks are sick, suffering with broken bodies. We want so much to make that go away. We pray that in Your way You would cause that to happen… not tomorrow…now! But You are Master. You work things to good… but what You want to accomplish in our lives may require suffering… even loss. That’s hard to accept Father, You know how we are. Strengthen our trust. Increase our endurance. Cause our praise to be the medicine that keeps our spirits and hope healthy and alive…please Abba.

You know how we feel anger, even rage as we witness and hear about violence and destructiveness taking place in our communities, in the name of some high minded ideal and how harm is actively justified and done indiscriminately. Forgive that anger and rage and desire to hurt in return, boiling inside us… that could lead us to act the same way and perpetuate such bad behavior. Help us to bring it under control, consider our common troubles and be willing to make changes. Grant us discernment to know lies from truths Father… we pray.

When we listen to our leaders Father… will there ever be a solution to any of our issues? They are a power unto themselves and it seems the sheep have none.

In Your presence, in a private time of honest and heartfelt and freely shared communication with You Father, thank You we are able to unload ourselves and get some relief. We are able to share the happy and good with You… tell how we are feeling blessed and thank You for it.

In Your presence is safety and no fear that there is misunderstanding. There is outlet for all our emotions and peace giving confidence in Your love and wisdom and power.

In Your presence we are refreshed.

Thank You Father. Thank You for Your time, for Your presence. We need it and we want it.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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