Minchah Prayer 07-12-17

A prayer to You, Father, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in our sleep, of thanksgiving, of gratitude for your gift.


Thank You for that one who to our eye in youth or in age was beautiful when we first saw. Bring to remembrance that that beauty still is there.


Thank You for the closeness, their willingness to be vulnerable, the trust they place in us sharing their private things, for the trust we can place in them to be vulnerable and share our private things .


Thank You for their giving intimacy reserved for just one.


Thank You for their attention to what pleases and displeases, the routine and the mundane as well as the occasional and special , and how they use that to satisfy.


Thank You for their strong protectiveness of our physical condition and of our happiness, of our standing.


Thank You for their truthfulness and council provided to help.


Thank You for their faithfulness and their joining and sticking to us through all things.


Thank You, Father for their forgiveness of  being taken for granted, of hurtful, thoughtless words or actions, of  being unheard, that they are willing to overlook… give and take another chance.


Thank You that they find happiness and satisfaction in spite of disappointment and unrealized expectations.


Father, so much richness in the gift of wife, so much good, so much undeserved favor shown by You to us who husband.


Father, when as husbands, we falter at trusting, faithfulness, protectiveness, at being alert and attentive, at acknowledging needs and wisdom and selflessness of our wives, be quick, Father, and hard and in no uncertain terms show us the dangerousness and unpleasantness of our ways.


May we be quick to fear loss of something so valuable, turn from waywardness and lock back in on the mate you have blessed us with.


May we remember and preserve the love we had at first.


In Yeshua’s name we pray.











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