Minchah Prayer 07-11-18

Father, thank You for the unknown ones.

We see those who rise or are lifted before us. They are supposed to, but are not always, the ones who are representative, a reflection of who the rest of us are or desire to be.

They are gifted. They shine and they are positioned to unite and lead.

Thank You for these but also for the multitudes of those, of us, who will never be known beyond the circle of our families and friends, or for a span of time beyond a generation or so… by man anyway.

Thank You that the gifting and the shining are not for just a select few but that they reside in the persons of all Your created men and women and it is they that live these out day by day in real life actions that speak of reality and not just talk or dreams.

There are many who play musical instruments, who sing heartfelt, who speak truly and sincerely, who can envision, who can craft, who work and invest body and resources and hopes, who appreciate and practice honesty and drive in others, who empathize, who can tell a story, who can appreciate the story, speakers and listeners, helpers and recipients of help. These are the ones whose names we don’t know but You do.

Each and every living soul is known to You by name. You know us each one, our feelings and thoughts, our actions, our motives. We have a type of fame in the eyes of One. Your approval is more a treasure than all the world. Your love lasts.

We cannot see or know all those we are a part of but they are everywhere, set aside ones, kept and protected, keeping and protecting Your Ways Father, not just for a period of time but every day.

In the blessings we enjoy, in the trials we endure Father, may we understand and be thankful that we do so by Your power directly and through those unknown, unseen persons dedicated and faithful to You. Their influence extends to beyond what they can see and who they know.

Thank You Father for the good that comes from the One unseen, through those who we don’t know.

Thank You Father that we are not alone.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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