Minchah Prayer 07-08-20

“From a distance Yahweh appeared to me, saying

‘I love you with an everlasting love;

this is why in My grace I draw you to me…” 

Is it too much Father, am I being presumptuous to lift these words out of context and apply them to me, to us who are not those that were there?

You were speaking to Your chosen people when You spoke these words, those You wooed, and still are, to be Your very own.

But You made us all and You have stated elsewhere that all the world is the object of Your love.

So that very same love…everlasting love…and the Your gracious drawing of them near to You… is extended to us as well.

You did not just speak words. They became and are, a reality in our lives through the actions You have taken to prove them.

And as we listen to You confessing and stating to us the love for us You have and can see how these words were always followed by invincible actions… may we know without doubt in our minds and hearts, we have worth, we are valuable and desirable to You.

Even in times when it seems we get nothing right, when it seems we are continually falling short of the mark…indeed may be…there is no need to, no justification for, accepting the notion, it’s no use…becoming despondent and just turning loose of the truth and its joy for us… that we are held as valuable and desirable to You, our Creator.

Thank You Father, that those words You spoke characterized the relationship You want with all people.

Thank You that nothing can hinder it, even a deception in our own minds that we are nothing in worth to One so perfect and Good as You. For You have already said it. You love us and want us near.

So we believe it…and love You for it.

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


Jeremiah 32:2(3)  CJB.  

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