Minchah Prayer 07-05-17

Father, You have set the standard for honest scales, honest weights and honest measures, measures of quantity and of quality. We see Your fairness and Your blessing in them.

Father, in our daily lives, when we are weighing and measuring out quantity, may it not be in greediness or stinginess, but in fairness and with generosity.

When we are weighing and measuring may the quality of the weight and the measure be proven, in substance and spirit, making for blessing.

And when we weigh and measure incorrectly we pray for Your finger on the scale so that too much ends up with no excess and too little ends up with no want, so that  Your fairness and Your blessing will be achieved and that You will be pleased and glorified.

Hold our hands and walk with us yet a little farther along Father. How secure we feel and are when You go with us, we go with You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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