Minchah Prayer 07-03-19

Father you are the One who we should be fawning over.

You are the One we should be gushing over.

You are the One who really does know everything about everything.

And You are the One who can do all things and never does anything wrong.

You are the One we should admire and marvel at, be in amazement of, the One whose thoughts and opinions are meaningful and important to us.

You are the One we should desire to be like and whose favor we dearly want.

Your knowledge and Your power You use for our good.

You are the example for us to look to and emulate that will enable us to get things right with one another, live out each day in a spirit of calm, and good conscience, secure and assured that Your Spirit will always be with us and guide us rightly.

It is just for us to dwell in Your Word… with hearts and minds wanting and searching to know what You are saying to us… with hearts and minds to take what You are saying… for our own… and live it out…in trust and love.

So when the peace of a moment or a day seems to have wandered away, when we wake to anxiousness or worry about what lies ahead without balancing that with a focus on the very real… good… outcomes possible as well, stir in us Holy Spirit, remind us of Your presence and the Word of Yahweh.

Calm us and restore peace.

Replace worry with hopeful expectation for good and an eagerness to continue on towards it regardless of how many testings lie between now and the goal.

If You are for us, who or what can succeed against us.

You are our hero.

On You we depend

In You we trust.

We love You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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