Minchah Prayer 07-01-20

Father, we pause here in midweek, take a break from the activity and… with the intent to please You… offer up prayer of praise and thanks giving. We wish to voice to You how we know You are the Wonderful One who spoke everything into existence. You made things marvelously and wonderfully. Your glory Father, fills the earth. All that is good and right Father, You are the source of.

We experience joy and comfort whether speaking to You or being quiet… because we are in Your presence. We need this time Father…in order to go on well.

We thank You Father that even the simplest, most plainly spoken of prayers, offered up to You from a sincere and trusting heart, is considered, like the widow’s mite, an offering of greatest value.

We thank You that our prayers to You, no matter how humble or unadorned, each and every one, are treasured… collected and stored in golden vessels to be mixed with incense and worthy to be offered on the gold alter before Your throne.

We thank You, Father, for prayer.

We thank You that prayer is the door to and place of time alone with You.

We thank You that that time and place is not just for us to communicate concern and want but also a time and place to worship and praise, a time and place available to find peaceful and pleasant companionship.

We thank You Father, that in prayer we have something we can offer You, that truly pleases You.

You Father… are worthy.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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