Minchah Prayer 06-27-2018

Father, there is no other but You. Help us to realize that and not make substitutes for You in our lives. With all else that there is to set our sights on and strive for, may it be You and what You value and want that we make most important for ourselves.

All You have made is a wonder. But the promise is that it doesn’t hold a candle to what we have if we dedicate our ambitions and wants and desires to knowing You and living life in pursuit of that now, and to what You have said You have prepared for us at the end of this journey. Foolish though it may seem to others, sometimes to ourselves, we believe it and put our trust in You. We feel confirmation of the truth of it. Your Spirit companions with us, works in us giving us that assurance. Your realness and Your presence is not a question. How differently You work from the way the world works.

As beautiful, as much of a thing to be marveled all You creation, that we can sense, is, we still find ourselves traveling in it troubled. For all the potential there seems to be for happiness and fulfillment and peace, Your created ones still struggle. We are always wanting. We are homeless ones, hands constantly outstretched, no different from those we see on the street corners of our towns.

But Father, You are able and You are not offended by our constant crying out to You. How blessed we are that You look at us with caring and compassion and approach to engage with us instead of averting Your gaze and passing us by.

Father, there is… other.

Thank You that we can see and take pleasure in the works of Your hands, be it a line of birds gliding on the edge of a breaking wave or be it the act of kindness that one will do for another for no other reason than to do good.

Thank You Father, that You enable us to have strength to endure hard things that never seem to end, heal miraculously to Your glory, comfort in times of grief, encourage in times of doubt and worry, walk, with us, to be our companion, with us, through all the good and the bad. Your companionship is what we want, now in this temporary abode and it is what we want in that abode You have prepared where there is not want or need.

What will we see?

What will we hear?

What can our hearts imagine?

Keep us in Your love.

May Your love be in us to that time, our love for You and for one another.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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