Minchah Prayer 06-20-2018

Father, the paper and pen are there and on them Your children write down things that are on their minds and hearts.

It is a precious time, Father, when we spend a quiet moment not just reading words written on a piece of paper, but when we can actually engage in spiritual fellowship, in fellowship though apart, with one another, and approach You in the company of friends who care, in unity. One person bows before You but behind them is the Body quietly, earnestly, advocating.

It is a time to listen and hear their voices as they speak to You of their lives and what’s going on in them, speaking their concerns and needs, their thanksgiving and their praise.

It is a time, Dear Father, isn’t it, shouldn’t it be, to accept their invitation to us, to join them, share with them, be a comrade with them in seeking Your presence and Your response, on their behalf and on the behalf of those You have placed on their hearts.

Father, form in us a heart and a will, to pray with and for Your children who are in prayer, for their circumstances and the circumstances of those they are lifting up to You.

Comfort us and strengthen us Father and enable us to be comforters and helpers, to Your glory, we pray.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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