Minchah Prayer 06-17-20

In Jesus’ name we pray Father…for a starting point in each day You grant and that that starting point would be something of Yourself You want us to know, would be some thought of Your mind, some aspect of Your heart that You want us to carry with us. And as we quietly listen for You, may we resolve to let them characterize our thoughts and words and actions.

May that which You have given us for each day infuse our labors and our interactions with one another with a spirit of friendliness and goodness that will be sensed.

May that which You have given enable us to deal with the hurt and sense of helplessness we may have because of another’s grief in loss… or the unhappiness we see another experiencing in their life… yet, at the same time, enabling us to be vessels through which You…and we… provide comfort and hope.

May that which You have given Father, equip us to be in control of our anger and reject vengefulness towards the lawless, the destructive and those who aid in it.

May what You have given have in it Your wisdom needed to be fair and just and to be peace makers one with another.

Father please…give us a starting point that is You and may we proceed onward to bless and honor and glorify You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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