Minchah Prayer 06-16-21

“A song of ascents. By Shlomo:

Unless ADONAI builds the house,

its builders work in vain.

Unless “Yahweh” guards the city,

 the guard keeps watch in vain.

In vain do you get up early

and put off going to bed,

working hard to earn a living;

for He provides for His beloved,

even when they sleep.”                                        Psalm 127 CJB

And she wrote in her prayer request “I desire the prayers of God’s family.”

Father, that we would be such a people… a people of such heart and character that our prayers would be desired.

Father. that we would be that family, Your children, with Your heart, which one would desire to be surrounded by… in the midst of any aspect of their lives… whatever they might be experiencing, bad…or good.

Father, that the prayers of Your people would have power to take away any sense of aloneness, that indeed, in the company of many that person would receive in their spirit… encouragement, and strength to face off with the issues.

May the prayers of Your people offered up in oneness to You, touch Your heart and move You to compassion and draw You close.

Father…we want that heart that is Yours and our prayers to have real power to touch and minister to one another, Your power to do battle each day…taking away any spirit within us that we are helpless or victims but instead arouse and keep alive the spirit of warriors, of conquerors, a people whose God…You Father… has handed the battles over to us.

May it be that we have a heart for one another.

Form in us such a heart… we pray Abba.

May it be that it is for good reason that one would desire the prayers of God’s family.

Raise up Your people…Father we pray.

For Your glory.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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