Minchah Prayer 06-10-20

Once long ago a man, a divine and law abiding and innocent man was arrested in the dead and dark of night.

He was imprisoned. He was falsely accused. He was repeatedly beaten to the point of being unrecognizable. He was paraded through the streets of the city he loved, made a public spectacle, nailed to a cross with spikes through his hands and feet. Yet with death upon him He drew in breath, and breathed out a cry to God His Father for mercy, for forgiveness for those who had done this to Him. No blame. No anger. No condemnation… only pity and mercy and hope.

Down through the ages where has been our grief and righteous outrage? Why have we not protested that injustice? Why have we not investigated into how and why such a thing could have happened Father? Why have we not marched daily since then, each one of us, rooting out the causes and making the changes needed to prevent it from ever happening again?

Father, help us.

May we look back to that time when a great injustice was done to the One… in His own homeland… by His own people and realize we do the same things today, that the root of such behavior is within us all and the change that needs to be made in each of us is in our hearts.

Father…help us.

Open our eyes to the example of Yeshua, His love for You and His trust and His faithfulness to Your will for Him.

Father …help us.

Enable us to follow His example, to follow Your Ways not our own, not condemning one another or seeking retribution or hungering for punishment but striving to make things right, striving for one another’s well being… be willing to both forgive and to ask forgiveness in the process.

Thank You Jesus…Yeshua Messiah.

Thank You… Abba Father.

Glory be to You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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