Minchah Prayer 06-06-2018

Father, it’s a table with place settings for who so ever will. The platters and bowls are heaped up with food, the glasses filled with drink. We all sit and serve up our plates and eat.

But what’s this Father? As multitudes eat and drink, the bowls and platters of food are not being emptied with each helping taken. Instead they remain full, even heaped higher. Our consumption does not bring about an end to the portions. Even more replaces what was taken as it is being taken.

We are filled and contented, satisfying our appetite and hunger. There is no desire to leave the table. Our attention is on the dinning.

Father, who are those folks, just outside?

They act like they are hungry. Some of them look like they aren’t getting nourishment. Some don’t seem to know we have plenty here and it is so good. Some seem to know but for some reason are turning down the opportunity.

There is so much. It is so good.

Father, it isn’t right that we should go on as we are, is it, that as we satisfy ourselves others are without? Should our hearts not go out to them? Should we not want to show them goodness, share what You provide? Should we not want to demonstrate love to them as You do to us?

We pray Father, that You would form in us hearts that care for others, hearts that see the need even if they don’t, and have a mind to help, hearts that are generous in sharing what You have given us.

Form in us the ability to have a love towards all others because they are Yours and You sacrificed for them and You love them and want them, and if this is Your will that it be ours too.

Father, may we not be filled and contented and satisfied until we are like You in this way.

You are the Potter, Abba…

In Yeshua’s name we pray… in love… and praise… and adoration,


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