Minchah Prayer 06-02-21

Father, help us not to become used to the beauty of Your creation, that there would never be a time when we would not be blessed by our ability to see the colors You have created, the sway, the motion grasses, plants and trees exhibit in response to invisible, moving air… the breath of life for all living things.

May we choose to be blessed anew, each and every morning by the sound of voices, the voices of loved ones and of those around us and the capacity, in You, to respond in a way that expresses care and good will and building up.

May we awake to the new day with renewed happiness and well being because the good works of Your hands are everywhere around us; we need only look for and focus on them, not to the exclusion of the troublesome but in preference to it’s influence on us.

May we not become so used to the good and beauty of the everyday and ever presence of such good and beauty that we take them for granted and our sense of their specialness diminishes.

All that is, is evidence of You and a heart that desires perfect harmony and good and beauty… and a desire to share it.

You are Good and You do Good and You are worthy to be loved.

May we walk each day with a continually keen and undiminished awareness of the blessing of life, of one another, of the natural world we live in…and of You Father…who is the visionary and wellspring of it all.

Work in us a work Father…that we may be able to say… and it truly be so…Oh how we love You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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