Minchah Prayer 05-27-20

Father we know You care for us.

We trust You and trust in You that our good is Your desire.

Our desire and goal this and every day is to walk connected to You, sensitive to the promptings of Your Spirit and obedient to Your Word.

Grant us wisdom and common sense so that we can and will make right decisions regarding our interactions with one another… and the will to stand by them.

It is a time of uncertainty for us Father. There is danger from a sickness that is in homes and communities and the world at large. We are learning about this enemy as we go and we are not certain how to proceed. The consequences are serious Father to health and life, to our financial security and the wisdom of men has been flawed

We pray Father that as we go You would guide our leaders and policy makers with greater than normal understanding to know the problem and with a greater than normal ability for making decisions that balance what will be hard to endure yet will be our best means of overcoming.

Grant us as family members and members of community the capacity to be patient and to be able to endure through this great testing in our lives, and in the doing of what we have to do… not have an in your face attitude of rebelliousness.

Father, we pray comfort for those who have and are suffering greatly and for all of us who have worries. Some have suffered so much more and some, gratefully, not at all.

It’s life. There is no escaping troubles and their outcomes.

But in You, and we trust in this, we are ultimately safe.

Grant us wisdom Father, steadfastness, as we live each day… and Your peace.

We love You Father.

May we extend that same love You have for us, Father, to one another.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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