Minchah Prayer 05-16-2018

Father, You created us and at every point in our existence in Your creation You have been there dealing with our behavior in a way that would save us from destruction.

You walked with us and talked with us and when we chose to see and do things our own way You allowed it even though it separated us. No matter what we have done though, that would keep us apart, You have provided a way to bring us back into oneness with You.

You came down in thick darkness and thunder, met with us and gave us Your Word. You made covenant with us then, Your chosen people and the mixed multitude who joined with them. Were not all the peoples represented there, then?

Since that time Your Word has remained and we have read it and thought about it and applied it to our lives for as many and varied motives as there was many and varied people in that multitude at the base of the mountain.

Your desire was for us to know You, Your mind and Your heart, and with a heart of love for You, learn and live by the truth that is woven throughout Your Words to us.

But we have not always had pure motives and being human, even when our motives were right we have not always understood and applied Your Word correctly. So we are not in unity.

Father we pray a prayer for renewed desire and passion to know the Truth, Your Truth. We pray that You would make us wise to deception, to purposeful misinterpretation of Your Word and misuse of it by those who promote themselves and not You.

We pray for knowledge of Your Truth, not to satisfy our egos or be able to exert some sort of control over others but because it will enable us to know You and please You and bring us into sweet fellowship with You and each other.

We pray that we would be submissive to the working of Your Spirit in us as He reveals to us new understanding, corrects false understanding, gives fuller more complete understanding.

Father we pray against hard hearts within us, that would be unreceptive to more and correct knowledge, knowledge that would grow us and transform us more into perfect likeness of You.

We pray against rigid, fixed mindsets and hearts that aren’t reliant on You to protect us from lies, that do not trust in You to guide and instruct.

We pray for absolute immovability from the truths that You give us, willingness to respond to conviction and repent and make changes that You require as You lead and for the wisdom to know the difference.

We pray that the truth of Your Word in our hearts and minds will be practiced in the living of our everyday lives, that You will be pleased and glorified and loved by us and we be one with You and each other.

You are One. We are meant to be one people in Oneness with You.

May it be so.

We love You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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