Minchah Prayer 05-13-2020

Father, You are Good and You do Good.

We may have lost, for a time, the perfect image of You You created us in… but we are born and live and die with a seed of it in us and that seed can come alive in us and in this life You grant us… if we are willing. And each new day we pray for it to grow in us and transform us back to that perfect image of You You mean for us to be.

Father, may we be hungry for and spend time in the company of Your Word and Your Spirit so that we can know You and Your ways and become the good doers towards one another, in the image of You who does good for us.

In the midst of the trouble of these days when we share common trouble, when we see the troubles that others are having, when we have our own troubles Father, guide us to demonstrate Your Image physically by doing what is good and kind, loving and faithful, by being humble and patient, peaceful and self controlled and with a heart… and in the spirit, of the same.

May we take the gifting You have given us and the good  You show us and invest them into the lives of those and world we are a part of and may they bring about a return of good… double, triple, many times greater, that we can present to You at the accounting.

May it be that we labor this way out of desire to please You and may it be joy and peace for us even in the midst of trials that pain and yes…times of ease too.

You are worthy Father…of our love and devotion.

Help us Father… to be worthy of Your love and devotion.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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