Minchah Prayer 05-09-2018

Father, there is much knowledge out there and we put a lot of stock in having as much of it as possible, search for as much of it as we can get believing it will solve all our problems, cure all our ills.

But before we go looking for answers Father, may we remember and that You are God, creator and master of all things and it is You to whom we look first and foremost at the beginning of all our inquiries and efforts.

Your purposes are what matter, being in Your will be our first concern and determining to be so and accepting that is our first cry to You, first before setting and pursuing any goals, making any requests, engaging in any tasks or issues before us.

Trust in You, the truth of You, the power of You, Your wisdom, Your purposes for good in our lives, Your faithfulness and sufficiency to watch over, protect and hold us in Your hand, is how we approach life and what we live by first and always.

None can snatch us away from You, take us out from under Your covering, deceive us into relying on the knowledge and wisdom of man above our trust in You for good and peace and rightness or for the purposes of proving You.

We are Yours and no others and no others can have us. We save ourselves for, give ourselves only, to You.

Our trust and peace and safety hinge on looking to You and You alone.

No weapon form against us shall prosper.

For the sake of Your glory and Your worthiness, Your love for us and ours for You, we submit, trust and rely on You first and always. And then we move.

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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