Minchah Prayer 05-06-2020

Father, we are in a time when we realize just how much a blessing it is to be able to congregate and be with each other, to visit, to talk face to face, touch in conversation, to shake a hand or embrace.

We realize how important these things are to us now… now that, what we once could do… and decide for ourselves in what manner… these have been taken away or severely restricted.

So we pray Father, for Your grace and mercy and for healing from this plague that is among us and that as we go may the freedom some of us may have in dealing with it not be a source of anxiety or put into danger others who don’t have that freedom themselves. May we be considerate of one another.

And when this passes Father…when we can congregate together and talk face to face and engage in these not… at a distance or with barriers between us… may we remember these are blessings, appreciate them, be thankful for them and give You praise.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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