Minchah Prayer 05-02-2018

Father, thank You for the wealth and help and good that our brothers and sisters in Your family are. How I wish people who resist Your offer would exercise their power of choice in favor of You.

The variety and depth of the collective heart, the understanding and experience in the family of believers, those truthful and spiritual worshipers, kin, living and growing and “pilgrimaging” together with You from the moment of acceptance into eternity, has no comparison, no alternative way, no other place or way has its allure, safety, or fulfillment.

Teach us, lead us, to unity with You that we might be in unity with each other.

Enable us to overcome self and accept the testing and learning of truth, Your Truth, from however and whoever You choose to use for that purpose.

May it be that we can understand and treasure and gratefully accept Your means and ones, to reveal Yourself, bring us close, make us more like You, that You can and do for purpose of Your Good, for the sake of Your Glory, because You are worthy.

Pridefulness, judgmentalism, willfulness, envy be swept clean from these “houses”, emptied out and set in order, to be filled with humility, meekness, attitude of gratefully receiving instruction… to be filled with Your marvelous light.

Thank You Ya, for our brothers and sisters and for our preciousness to You. Enable us to know that same preciousness in our persons for each other as well.

May we live in trust and speak, in unity, out loud in bold “unashamedness”.

May our lives point to You.

May those who resist You come to surrender into the victory that is knowing and loving You.

Move, touch, heal, reconcile, mold, form us blessed Redeemer, Savior, blessed Father, strong and tender One.

Who is like You? If only we could comprehend to the degree that You are.

Blessed are You dear Abba.

In Yeshua’s, comforting, protective and peace giving name we pray.


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