Minchah Prayer 04-29-2020

Father, may we be continually searching Your Word to understand its meaning and to apply its instructions…in our relationship with You and with one another…in every aspect of our daily lives.

And Father, may we follow our Savior’s example of going off into privacy of prayer, to experience Your ministering to us in regard to all our concerns and questions and requests… to worship You and thank You and praise You.

Show us Father, what it was that You and Yeshua shared in those times alone together, what the Son of God would share with His Father and what the Son of flesh and blood would request.

If it was… maybe to experience a bit of the glory He left to be among us … if it was that the Son found relief and comfort for His body and spirit in the company of the Father… if it was that They talked about the welfare of Their created ones…if it was just to be quietly together…Father may we go there and find things like these as well for ourselves.

May it be a time of sharing our hearts openly and honestly with You, of laying out before You what is on our minds… to go over it all… with You… and then of waiting on You.

May it be a time of our acknowledging to You our complete trust in You, the need for Your strength in our lives and our desire to find favor in Your eyes… a time to experience Your love for us and a time to speak to You… our love for You.

May it be a time for determining what and committing to, Your will for us.

May it be a time that shields and preserves our hopes and joy and peace from any destructive and temporary lures and troubles, of this world, that would separate us from You.

May it be a time that strengthens the ties that bind us to You and to one another.

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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