Minchah Prayer 04-28-21

Father, a walk in the evening as dark is growing but colors in the sky can still be made out and form and detail of trees can still be seen in that fading light.

I see the beauty of it and feel…the beauty of it. And I strain to experience it more intensely. But I can’t.

It’s just moments when we have that pure goodness before us. It can’t be captured, possessed, hung on a wall. It is for us for just a bit. And if we make use of the gift of appreciation and gratitude we will experience it and know we have been blessed.

“Knowing the value of a moment before it becomes a memory.”

 That’s what appreciation really is.

Thank You Father for the fleeting moments of life, those shortly lived experiences You give that bless.

Thank You for a desire so strong to preserve it yet having to let it go.

Thank You that life now and life to come is and will be full of precious experiences, not just one then gone but one, then another, and yet another.

Thank You Father, Abba, Dear Father.

We do love You so.

In Yeshua’s name…we pray.


“The Older I Get”

Written by Adam Wright, Hailey Whitters & Sarah Allison Turner

Sung by Alan Jackson

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