Minchah Prayer 04-25-2018

It’s quiet. No idea what time it is. It’s dark. Why are we awake? Did You awaken us?

Something is coming to mind. It’s about the day, a question, a task, a concern …. No let’s not go there. Do You want praise? What should We say?

Can’t think of anything that is enough… no…just be quiet and listen and rest. You are near.

Words fail. Time’s boundaries are meaningless and we cling to the edge of sleep and awareness, the best place…it seems to be… to be with You right now… don’t want to lose it.

“Silence is praise” in this early morning watch, how peaceful and comforting it is to be here with You. You speak…but not with words. We hear … but not with our ears.

The noisy laboring of the mind gives way to just being.

You are Father and we are Your children, and You take us by our hands and we go with You… we know not where… nor do we care… just we two.

Quiet intimacy, communication… knowing… without a spoken word.

You are so much more than a ruler. Life with You is so much more than labor.

We love You Father.

Too many words.

We recline on Your breast… lush grass… still waters… quiet and well being…

Cling to awareness… drift… sleep.

We love You Abba.

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