Minchah Prayer 04-22-21

Father…bless our sleep tonight.

May it be deep and restful, unaffected by the varying and disruptive circumstances of the day and world we live in.

May it be so because we know how You fulfilled Your promises in the lives of those who trusted in You in days gone by and You did so in spite of what circumstance they were in or what they did… because they trusted You.

 In the truth of Your Word it is recorded there, for our encouragement.

So Father…may we then… apply the faith You have given us… walk at peace, at peace and confident, that You work all things out for good… to Your glory, regardless or in spite of the way things seem to be playing out at the moment;

may this work joy for us in the day…and sweet restful sleep in the night time.

Blessed are You Oh Lord our God…King of the Universe,

Who gives faith,

and is faithful,

in Whom we can trust,

in Whom we do trust.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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