Minchah Prayer 04-18-18

The dark of night fades to grey of early morning as a new day begins.

We open our eyes, Father, and the same things we closed them to last night are there before us. Some of them are a memory, a task completed, an issue resolved. Some of them are not yet memories. They are still real and present and need to be dealt with, some pleasant, and thank You, some trying and worrisome, come help us… please.

You are God, so good and so able and so willing.

As a view of what is out there, what is ahead, grows in our minds, Father, before we can be distracted by the good or bad, the difficult or easy, the joyful or grieving, the painful, the exhilarating, the anticipation, the dread, we remember… You are there, not far away, but close.

We take hold and trust and go.

We make our plans and engage all that is before us, guided by Your instructions, striving to conduct ourselves in Your character, to bring You honor and be pleasing to You in the doing.

Help and enable us to do so.

We are blessed with a sense of it all being well.

And we praise You and love You and want to increase this way…Abba…Dear Father.

Holy… wonderful…marvelous One.

Blessed are You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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