Minchah Prayer 04-08-2020

Father, thank You.

Thank You for the innocent blood that saved the lives of Your people who trusted and obeyed, so many years ago in Egypt.

Thank You for the innocent blood of Your Son that saves the lives of all Your created beings who have and do and will… trust and obey.

Why do You even consider us?

But You do.

And though we are works in progress we enjoy the benefits of the peace You give us and the comfort of Your presence.

Your Word proves You faithful, a God of promises made and kept.

So we know it will be so forever. You keep Your Word.

Thank You Father.

Thank You for Yeshua and His great faithfulness, His love for You and His love for us.

Thank You Father for grace and mercy and redemption.

We bless You and praise You and honor You… and love we You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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