Minchah Prayer 03-31-21

Father, in varying degrees and at some point we all find ourselves in a battle for the health of our minds, for the health of our bodies.

We are awake in a kind of quiet place, contemplating our or someone else’s condition, what to do, what will be…while the rest of the world is racing about us.

Be close Father in times like this.

We need Your strength to face these times and, to within all we have the power to do, to be effective, to glean peace and joy for those we care about, for ourselves…to live to the fullest each day You gift us with.

Grant us a mind with a bent to seek and contemplate good we have experienced and good that there is and Father…that that good isn’t just a memory but a goal for the day and a reality for us forever and ever.

Grant this for those battling Father…and for those that battle with them.

If You be with us Father…

In Yeshua’s name we pray…


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