Minchah Prayer 03-28-18

Father, our days have blessings and they have troublings.

Far too often we allow ourselves to become so affected by the troubles that we can hardly think of anything else and far too often we allow them to weaken our peace, our joy and our praise, and our ability to be in the Spirit with You.

Father, when we are in trouble, when our minds and hearts start to go off where they shouldn’t, strengthen your nearness to us. Give us the thoughts and words and actions that strengthen and calm and keep us securely in Your Way, with You.

No matter the smallness or largeness, the number or the frequency of the troubling circumstances of our days, how simple or how complex… Father… enable us to be at peace, to be a blessing, to have joy in the blessings You direct our way, even in and while dealing with the circumstances that happen, that the adversary would use to destroy our relationship with You.

Aid us Father, as we seek Your approval and may You be glorified.

Abba… Father… we love You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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