Minchah Prayer 03-25-2020

Father, a simple prayer this morning we offer up and carry with us throughout the day and that is, concerning our leaders Father… that this might be…

That the pressures and stresses they are experiencing because of this sickness that threatens us all would drive them into personal spiritual quarantine, that they would spend quiet and alone time there, mindful of their in adequacies and humble before You…

That they would get their hearts and minds right and seek out Your wisdom in the matter…

That they would come together with a shared and common mind to care for those whom they serve, putting aside other agendas in keeping with Your Word…

“…exercising oversight not out of constraint, but willingly, as God wants; and not out of a  desire for dishonest gain, but with enthusiasm; also not as doers domineering over those in your care, but as people who become examples to the flock…”

for we are all Your creation and this Word is for us all.

We pray Father, for our leaders, that they would start viewing each other not as opponents but as kinfolk, brothers and sisters Father, working together for the common good of their charge.

And we pray that out of this trial and testing, lessons learned, will not be forgotten, lives and hearts be changed Father, for good from now on.

We love You Father. We love Your Ways.

Grant us Your peace that enables us to smile in these days and the days ahead.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


1 Peter 2-3 CJB.

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