Minchah Prayer 03-21-18

Father, thank You for the days You give us and that You are there with us throughout.

Thank You for brightness of clear cool mornings, for the shadowy darkness of thick clouds pushing forward with wind and rain, the vast expanse and variety and closeness of Your creation.

Thank You for the blessing of family and loved ones to share our lives with, friends we can be comfortable with in conversation and in silence, for the variety of people and situations of life that bless us and challenge us.

Thank You for tears and laughter, for suffering and comfort, for failures and successes, for fears and reassurance, for weakness and strength, for not knowing and uncertainty and faith and peace.

Thank You for the fullness of life and living that provides opportunity for, and exercise in, applying love and kindness, patience and goodness, faithfully with humbleness and self control, that we can reap joy and peace.

Thank You for the love we have fallen into with You that brings about a desire to know You, be like You, be close to You, live the life You have given us to please You.

Thank You that we can live this day, this life, successfully in Your eyes because we live it by Your guidance and strength, not our own. We acknowledge that and place our faith and trust and obedience in You.

Thank You for the truth and reality of Your presence in our lives, that You do not forsake or abandon, that You guide our footsteps through all the trials and blessings of this life to that place of still waters and lush green grasses, wild flower covered hillsides and pleasant evening breezes and that we will live there together and with You forever.

We know, we trust, we obey, we earnestly expect and wait,

in Yeshua’s name, Father, we pray,


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